Homes Are a Place of Security and Stability

Posted by Catherine C. Denbesten on May 18, 2013  |   Comments Off on Homes Are a Place of Security and Stability

In a recent article, I was reading about poverty in America.  The author got to know many homeless people.  To those less fortunate individuals, the meaning of a home is a refuge, a place where your family is safe.  They talk of wanting a place that allows children to dream and grow.  A home represents the stability that people are looking for.  Homeless people, against all odds, still seek the American Dream, which is bound to the idea of owning a home.

I also read several articles in our Bloomington/Normal, IL newspaper, The Pantagraph, that I normally breeze over.  I was disappointed in myself for taking valuable minutes from my day to only read of murder, sexual assault, and government problems.  These are national, state, and local issues.  Overall, Bloomington, IL is a safe community.  I shuffled the paper to the recycle bin saddened and disgusted with the human race.

However, I am touched by the inner spirit of hope in people from the first article.  A hope to break-even financially, to have 4 walls to raise their children, to own dirt that isn’t just stuck to their shoes.  When people lose hope for making one step ahead of where they are, that despair infests all the people around them and pulls them down.  Home ownership is good for individuals, families, communities, and the nation.  When one person has hope, it inspires more people to dream big.

We are hopeful for all people to own a home.  All of us at Denbesten Real Estate, want to help people in all walks of life achieve their goals of a secure and stable place to live.  Call Connie or me (Cathy) so we can help you buy a home in Bloomington/Normal, IL.  To read further and see more pictures showing poverty in our own country, click here for the full article.