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Less and Neutral to Sell a Home

Posted by Catherine C. Denbesten on March 19, 2013  |   Comments Off on Less and Neutral to Sell a Home

Home sellers are eager to know what they can do to sell their home fast.  Three things will make your house as marketable as it possibly can be.  Price, no clutter, and a blank slate.

1.  A local Realtor who knows the market and real estate trends in your specific area can help you price your property to sell.  In Bloomington, IL, Realtors will search the Bloomington-Normal Association of Realtors MLS database to perform a comparative market analysis to price your house to sell.  It is useless to put a price on a home that is the price the seller needs to net from the sale.  If you want to have a stale listing sit on the market, then ignore your professional Realtor.  Isn’t your goal to sell your property, so that you can move to a new home?

2.  You may hear a broken record.  DE-CLUTTER!  Living in a home and selling a home are completely different.  Potential buyers don’t want to see the pile of mail, the box of shoes, and kitchen appliances on the counter.  Take your own pictures of your home and compare them to magazine kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  Buyers are doing this subconsciously.  To sell your home in Bloomington-Normal, IL, your Real Estate Agent will help give you ideas of how else you can make your house “sell-able” not necessarily convenient to live in.

3.  “It’s just paint, right?”  Buyers are looking at properties evaluating how they can picture their life in this home that you are offering for sale.  If there is a bold paint color or wallpaper, they have a road-block of picturing themselves there.  So do yourself a favor, repaint the aqua-theme room or the “dramatic” decorating paint choices with a neutral “Bloomington beige” color paint.  Buyers will avoid buying homes with wallpaper or paper borders.  It is a lot of work to remove paper and buyers know that.  So if you want to sell your house in Bloomington-Normal, IL, make your walls a blank slate by removing the wallpaper and borders and re-paint with a nice neutral color.  All Bloomington Realtors know what “Bloomington beige” looks like.

If you want advice on selling your home, please contact one of our agents to stage your home for sale in Bloomington-Normal, IL.